Braking the Cycle PCYC driver education program
There are few milestones like getting your driver's licence, which bestows freedom and responsibility in equal measure. While simply a rite of passage for many Australians, for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving this qualification comes with significant challenges.

In recent years, high crash and fatality rates among young drivers have led to tighter licensing laws. While the laws improve safety and are successfully reducing crash rates, they also create significant barriers to licensing. New drivers must now pass multiple tests and accumulate up to 120 hours of supervised driving practice.

These laws have a disproportionate impact on disadvantaged youths who often have low literacy skills and are faced with the various costs, and lack of access to a car and supervising driver. Without a licence, young Australians face mobility, education and employment challenges.

One organisation helping to bridge this gap is the Police Citizens Youth Club who through their multi-award-winning Braking the Cycle program helps young, would-be drivers obtain their licence.

Over the last two years, the program has helped more than 250 people in Queensland clock up the 100 driving hours required under state legislation to obtain their licence.

Transurban is supporting the program by purchasing a new driver training car and funding three learner drivers to participate in the program.

Some of our team members are also participating in the volunteer program, offering up their time to work as driving mentors and seeing the tangible impact the program has on the lives of young Australians.

For more information about the program visit PCYC.

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