FEET students thrive in summer program
The Females Excelling in Engineering and Technology (FEET) mentoring program has been running for over three years, and has so far been a great success, with 27 students participating in this year’s summer intake. The mentoring program partners female engineering students with suitable professionals within the business and they participate in a week’s worth of on the job work training.

Throughout January and February, the students joined a range of teams to complete their 35 hours of mentoring, such as Technology, Engineering, Traffic Analysis, Project Delivery and Operational Excellence including the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team as well as state businesses.

In Queensland, seven students participated and they were given a tour of the Clem7 tunnel during a planned shutdown. They also met with Wes Ballantine, Group General Manager – Queensland to discuss their careers and aspirations.

In New South Wales, ten students were mentored across business including software engineering student Maliha Mian.  

Maliha said it was great to see the many different ways that her degree can be used, and how she can participate in different sectors.

“I loved working here, it’s a great environment and everyone is so friendly,” Maliha said.

Civil engineering student Jasveen Dhillion was also a part of the NSW program and said the best part was that she was treated like a member of the team and was given all the proper tools to work and learn.

“I found it incredibly valuable to go behind the scenes and tour the NorthConnex construction site.” Jasveen explained.

In Victoria, ten students were mentored and toured the Burnley Tunnel during a maintenance closure.

Andrew Head, NSW Group General Manger and Chair of Transurban’s Gender Diversity Committee said that diversity is critical for our organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment

“All of the literature coming out of the major business schools suggest that diversity of thought; encouraging and harnessing difference of opinion; and developing an environment where you can exchange those views, and do so in a respectful and collaborative way, will generate a better outcome for the business,” Andrew said. 

Over the last three years, 95 students have participated in the program with a further 38 due to undertake the program over the next 12 months. To date, five of the students who undertook work experience in the program have returned to the business as full-time employees.

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