The key theme to National Reconciliation Week this year is ‘Let’s take the next steps’. This is particularly pertinent for us at Transurban, as during National Reconciliation week, 2017 we are launching our second Reconciliation Action Plan, Innovate RAP.

Reconciliation Action Plans, or RAPs, are about organisations from every sector putting plans in place to turn their good intentions into real actions. RAPs are practical plans built on relationships, respect and opportunities and create social change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Our Innovate RAP is Transurban’s second Reconciliation Action Plan, and follows on from our Reflect RAP in 2014. Through the delivery of our first plan, we learned a lot about local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the types of initiatives that Transurban can support to help strengthen those communities.

The Innovate RAP builds on the relationships Transurban has formed under the Reflect RAP and will require us to find even more engaging and innovative ways to deepen cultural awareness and education, create employment opportunities, provide education and career pathways and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is one of the richest and oldest in the world. Their cultural history is vibrant and diverse and along with a special connection to the land has a strong commitment to family and community.

Only through recognition of this rich culture and empowerment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can any lasting programs to address reconciliation in Australia be truly successful.

To enable this, our Innovate RAP is grouped into four key focus areas, Cultural Awareness, Education, Employment and Strong Local Relationships. These areas focus on connecting with and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations in the regions in which Transurban operates.

Our Innovate RAP will engage employees across our organisation, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, and other stakeholders to achieve our vision for reconciliation.

The plan includes a detailed account of the actions and key deliverables that Transurban has committed to and will be regularly monitored by the RAP Committee over the next 24 months to ensure we are on track to keeping those commitments.

The process of reconciliation is an ongoing journey and Transurban understand that it takes long-term commitment. We are always learning and improving and are very excited to continue our journey and address the actions outlined in the Innovate RAP.

Celebrating Reconciliation Week 2017 at Transurban

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