Innovation Grants investing in smarter, safer roads
Transurban has awarded three $100,000 grants to pioneering research projects targeting safer and smarter Australian roads as a part of our Innovation Grants program.

By partnering with some of the brightest minds in the country, Transurban hopes drivers and the community will one-day benefit from the research into new materials and technology for our roads.

The three projects awarded grants aim to provide solutions to common road safety issues such as speeding and crash injury severity using smart sensors and new materials.

The successful 2017 Transurban Innovation Grant recipients and research projects are:

  • University of Melbourne — research into a speed sensor with LED lights, which once attached to the road surface, could provide real-time customised signals encouraging speeding drivers to slow down.
  • Imagine IM — for a trial of a pressure sensor made from graphene that, when constructed into the motorway surface, would enable a ‘smarter’ road capable of reporting on traffic density, weight, volume and road surface condition.
  • Deakin University — the development of a high-energy absorbing overlay made of recycled plastic and textile fibres to cover roadside wire rope barriers, with the aim of reducing injury severity in crashes involving motorcyclists.

Our Innovation Grants program is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and to think long term. The program enables us to engage with world-class researchers and organisations to develop ideas that could lead to advancements in our industry and improve the safety of our customers.

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