As owners and operators of transport assets that will remain in the community for years to come, we challenge ourselves to ‘think long term’ about how we can continue to improve the liveability of our cities.

It is important to us that we collaborate with the right organisations to ensure the future of transport is not only efficient and safe, but sustainable as well.

This is why a partnership with Landcare Australia was a no-brainer.

Landcare is a respected, Australian not-for-profit organisation whose ethos is to deliver on-ground environmental and sustainable agriculture projects, and protect and restore our natural landscapes.

Launched in 2014, the partnership between Transurban and Landcare Australia aims to identify and deliver key roadside regeneration projects across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. It is about taking a fresh, new approach to how unused land beside our roads can be transformed to benefit communities and the surrounding environment.

Our first roadside regeneration project kicked off in Melbourne with the Power Street Loop. Together with Landcare Australia, we successfully regenerated the CityLink Power Street off-ramp in the Arts Precinct of Melbourne in November 2016. We did this by creating a habitat with over 18,000 local, native plants and nesting boxes for birds and bats in a heavily developed area. The once-vacant site in Southbank has now taken on a new life.

The partnership made its mark in Sydney in June 2017, with the completion of our second project, the M2 Macquarie Park Motorscapes project. This time, Landcare Australia was faced with a significant challenge – to regenerate a five-hectare site alongside the Hills M2 Motorway that was overrun with noxious weeds and improve two creeks.

This project was important.

The bush regeneration work by Landcare Australia made a significant contribution in preserving the fragility of the neighbouring Lane Cove National Park. An ecological legacy was created with over 60,000 native plants making their way onto site and creek improvement works to ensure clean water flows into Lane Cove River.

Today, this partnership is taking Landcare Australia all over our interstate network. They are tackling two projects on the CityLink Tulla Widening project in Melbourne and in the future will be working on the Heathwood Community Development in Brisbane.

Collaborating with Landcare Australia has given our staff the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get involved, whether it’s turning the soil or planting. More importantly, it has brought to life Transurban’s vision to ‘think long term.’

Learn more about our roadside regeneration projects.

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