We’re lucky to have community groups such as Randwick Waverley Community Transport who run an invaluable service that helps transport over 2,500 elderly people or those living with a disability get to where they need to go.

The group have recently installed a mobility hoist in one of their community buses to meet the increased demand for safe and caring low mobility transport. We’re happy to have been able to help with the costs involved in this new set up – with the company vision to connect communities through transport, we’re grateful there are services like Randwick Waverley Community Transport who are making sure some really special people can stay connected to their community.

Ben Whitehorn, General Manager for Randwick Waverley Community Transport Group said there has been an increase in people needing a mobility hoist and that having more of this equipment available in vehicles meant they were able to continue transporting people that need their service most.

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