When incidents occur in our tunnels and on our motorways, Emergency Services are often requested to assist in managing the incident to help keep motorists and our staff safe. Transurban works closely with Emergency Services groups on all of our roads, and recently took a number of police through our tunnel operations.

NSW Police Force members, joining Sydney’s Harbourside Local Area Command, visited Transurban’s Lane Cove Tunnel traffic control room in Sydney where they were provided with an overview of the tunnel operations. Our Senior Control Room Operator, Corey Wallace, took the group through how the tunnel works, the tunnel configuration, and how traffic incidents are managed, as how our Intelligent Transport Systems and ventilation is controlled.

Educational visits for Emergency Services staff help provide them with a better understanding of how Transurban operates in emergency situations and how they can help should they ever be required to attend an incident in our tunnels or on our motorways. We all need to work together to ensure the safety of our drivers comes first.

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